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Background: discuss the effect of ultraviolet rays (UVR) emitted during corneal collagen crosslinking (CXL) on cataract development in keratoconic patient in Cairo, Egypt.

Methods: We performed a study that describes the effect of CXL on human lens clarity, one hundred eyes were investigated by oculus pentacam in the Egyptian armed forces hospital at kobri el kobba in collaboration with Al-Azhar university hospitals diagnosed from January 2021.

Results: Our study reported that CXL has a highly significant effect in developing lens opacities specially the older age and small anterior chamber (AC) depth and reported also its affection on visual acuity (VA).

Conclusion: CXL results in significant changes and increase in the densitometry of the crystalline lens which is a problem that increase the risk in the development of cataract.


Crosslinking; Crystalline lens; Cataract; Pentacam

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