About This Journal

(AIMJ) is an open-access journal. The Journal is welcoming all medical field researchers from all over the world to submit high-quality research. The journal is the official publication of Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Medicine in Cairo. The journal publishes original articles in experimental, Academic, surgical, and clinical research. The journal’s target includes Academic medical researchers, physicians, surgeons, and healthcare providers/professionals who are interested in or working in all medical disciplines.

A scientific association was formed at the college, which since 1974 published the Journal of Al-Azhar Medicine, which published the research of faculty members in the college and other medical colleges. A small library was established with many French and Arabic books and scientific periodicals, and it was developed and expanded in 1990 into a huge Medical library.

In continuation with the previous history, AIMJ has been starting in publishing in 2020 and become online with its international direction.

Publishing schedule

It is periodically published every month with independent and unbiased double-blind peer-review principles.

Copyright policy

The journal allows the author(s) to hold the copyright, and to retain publishing rights without any restrictions.

Open Access Policy

AIMJ is an Open Access journal. Users have the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of articles under the following conditions: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International Public License (CC BY-SA 4.0). Copyright statement stated here and embedded in each published article

For more information: This work is licensed under: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/


The publication language of the journal is English.

Article Publishing Charge

  • What is Gold Open Access?
  • Open access (OA) is the practice of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly research. Open-access journals provide 'gold' open access, meaning immediate open access to all their articles on the publisher's website. 'Gold' open access for individual articles is funded by authors, institutions, funders, or sponsors who pay open access article-processing charge (APC) after acceptance.

  • What types of articles will Al-Azhar International Medical Journal publish?
  • Al-Azhar International Medical Journal publishes Original Research, Experimental Articles, Special Topics, Follow-up Studies, Ideas & Innovations, Case Reports, Correspondence, Viewpoints, and Video articles. To enhance quality, and readability and to be more competitive with other leading scientific journals, all manuscripts must conform to word-count standards for article length, references, and a limited number of figure pieces. Please visit the Author Instructions for more information

  • Why do authors pay article-processing charges (APC)?
  • Al-Azhar International Medical Journal is open access, peer-reviewed scholarly journal. To provide open access, the journal charges publication fees for each article published. These fees cover the expenses incurred by publication, including the peer review process, journal production and publication, and hosting and archiving fees.

    Fees equal to 2500 EP (Egyptian pounds) or equivalent in US $ for each article regardless its type. AIMJ Editor-in-chief offers a discounted rate of 20% to authors who are in residency or teaching assistant positions at Al-Azhar University.

    The APC is charged on acceptance of the article and should be paid within 30 days by the author, funding agency, or institution. Payment must be received in full for the article to be published.

  • Publication Fees Payment process:
  • Payment could be processed at the publisher (Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine, in Cairo or through the following:
    Bank account No: 1433071146188901012
    Bank: National Bank of Egypt
    Beneficiary name: Al-Azhar International Medical Journal
    Amount: 2500 EGYPT pounds or Equivalent in US $
    Then Authors must send to the journal a photocopy of the payment.
    to the email:
    Please, if possible, also send a message (either phone message, WhatsApp, or Signal) photocopy of the payment to the Secretary's phone number: +20 111 279 6299

Digital Archiving

The journal is preserved in CLOCKSS and Portico, the two leading preservation archives that guarantee persistent access for the very long term.

Articles also receive Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) from the CrossRef organization to ensure they can always be found.


The journal does not accept adverts from third parties.

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