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Khairy, Mustafa

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Background: Desarda technique for hernia repair is emerging technique for inguinal hernia repair known for its low-cost procedure, less recurrence rate and feasibility of the procedure. Aim of the work: was to evaluate treatment of inguinal hernia with this method in terms of various operative and post-operative parameters. Patients and methods: The present study included 100 male patients, presented to Al-Hussain University Hospital, for elective repair of uncomplicated inguinal hernia, during the period from March 2015 till November 2018. All the 100 patients subjected to Desarda non mesh tissue repair. Results: Mean operating time was 45.25±12.55 min. There were no intraoperative complications. Postoperative pain according to VAS (Mean) on day 2 was 3,12. While mean VAS was 1.28 and 0.12 after one week and one month respectively. No patient had discomfort for more than 15 days after this repair. No chronic pain, sensation of foreign body and no recurrence was observed. Patients were freely mobile within 18-24 h after surgery. The mean hospital stay was 1.87 ± 0.78 days. Patients returned to their day-to-day activities within 6-14 days (mean: 8.62 days). Conclusion: The above data were in favour of Desarda repair, compared to other inguinal hernia repairs. This is a simple operation to do, does not require prothesis or complicated dissection of the inguinal canal. is preferably indicated in young cases, infected surgical fields or in the presence of financial limitations or patients refusing mesh or with history of mesh rejection in another site.


Hernia; Inguinal; Desarda; Herniorrhaphy; Tension-Free